Having trouble with life challenges?

Get in balance

Isn't your life going as you thought it would, do you have the feeling that certain 'things' aren't right or are big changes in your life about to happen?

Personal Development

Lack of self confidence? Trouble with time management and saying 'no'? Not feeling good about yourself? Let's talk about it!

Life Questions

Questions about the meaningfulness of your life? Like: “Am I happy or just being comfortable?" Get a clearer view of your own life. Let’s talk!

Business Counseling

Are your costs rising? Trust can be the key to success! I can teach you how to use trust to lower your costs and see your profit rise as a result.

Choose for


At ' In balans Counseling en Coaching' I can help you to find the balance you need to be happier and more satisfied with your life. See your life challenges as goals, not as obstacles. Choose for change, let's talk!

I offer psychosocial counseling and coaching. Shaping the way you want your life to go is my number one priority.

Are you looking for a listening ear? You're at the right address at 'In Balans Counseling en Coaching'. This is where you get the undivided attention you deserve. 'Person Centered Therapy' is always one-on-one therapy.

My mission
My aim is to give you the tools to help you understand why you behave the way you do. Using counseling and coaching techniques to guide and help you acquire:

  • Ways to identify and manage your projects;
  • Enhanced awareness and restoring proper and workable forms of communication;
  • Balance at home and work, with friends and family;
  • A clear view of situations, problems and patterns etc.

The purpose of my method of counseling and coaching is to guide you to be happy and satisfied, so you can be more productive and less self-destructive.

What can you expect from me?

All services in one place

A good therapist who communicates clearly.

Guidance in a safe, trusting and non-judgmental environment.

The opportunity to share anger, frustration, beliefs and thoughts without being judged or told what to do.

Self confidence is the first secret for success.

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Therapist Nirmala.


Nirmala Ramessar

Counselor & coach

Your past is a warehouse filled with knowledge and experience. In this warehouse you can find the answers to questions to help you to move forward. This way you can learn from past experiences and find balance in your personal and work life.

Shaped by life
I moved from British Guyana to The Netherlands in 1989. The cultural differences were huge and sometimes I felt embarrassed by my lack of knowledge and life experience in this metropolitan world. Just like everyone I have my ups-and-downs. There was a time in my life when I lacked self-confidence, couldn't say 'no' and was embarrassed about my vulnerabilities. But as life went on, I learned to quickly bounce back from these setbacks. I was open to learn new things and work on my personal and professional development.

By now I've been living in The Netherlands for the biggest part of my life. During this time I learned to accept and show my vulnerabilities and to embrace what both countries have brought me. I feel rich and thankful for everything that makes me happy and satisfied. I am married and I am mother of three. I enjoy life, and am grateful for the things that make me happy, like a healthy relationship with others, cooking, sailing and traveling.

Moulded and formed by life experience
My own life experience - in combination with my counselors education - gives me lots of advantages as a Counselor and Coach. Counseling isn't just a job for me, it's my passion. I can mediate in conflicts, support you in crisis situations, guide you in change processes and help you with your personal effectiveness.

Undivided Attention
Enough about me. I can tell a lot about myself, but I'm here listen, guide and help you. My main approach to counseling is person-centered therapy. In other words, one on one counseling in which you will get my full and undivided attention. My sessions are meant to help you grow and develop. Are you ready to take the first steps to get (back) in balance? Don’t hesitate, contact me!

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Blog & facts

Learn from yourself, learn from me.

Principle of Keeping Sharp

“Balance keeping sharp.” I also believe that when you have achieved that what you have set out to do, then it is time to stay sharp. By keeping sharp you can maintain a good balance…

ATTENTION people at home

OPGELET mensen die thuiszitten Dit is het moment om je te gaan focussen op jezelf, je leven en je persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Heb je het gevoel dat je meer uit je leven kan halen? Wil je…

Workshop Assertiveness

Assertiviteit Workshop “Grenzen Stellen” Eigenlijk ben je aan niemand een verklaring verschuldigd als je iets niet wil doen en daarom ‘nee’ zegt. Maar toch is dat vaak moeilijk en zeg je toch ‘ja’. “Hoe kan…

Did you know...

1 in 6 employees in The Netherlands suffer from burn-out issues. Absenteeism costs employers a lot of money: about 250 euro a day. A burn-out that takes 8 months can cost up to 60.000 euro, not including replacement costs. All together burn-outs cost Dutch businesses about 1,8 billion euro a year, according to TNO.

Satisfied clients

"The way Nirmala helps people with counseling and coaching is unique. She has developed her own style with successful results and satisfied clients as a result."
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"Nirmala is a driven but calm coach who has a sincere interest in her clients. She has sharp observations and is very accessible in her counseling. We got to know her as someone who's able to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone is able to learn. Nirmala has worked for us as a volunteer out of social awareness, for which we are very thankful."
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St. Welzijn
"I've attended a couple of counseling sessions which I experienced as very positive. I've learnt to focus on my life goals and bring structure to my daily activities. I can advise people who have problems with concentration or stress to reach out to In Balans Counseling & Coaching for adequate help."
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